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9.5/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #2 in category Hosting
  • Outstanding speed and performance.
  • Great versatility with its wide selection of plans.
  • Excellent support equipment.
  • Servers offer high reliability and security.
  • Optimum uptime.
  • One-click server scalability as your site traffic grows.
  • Does not include bandwidth or unlimited storage.
  • Does not offer email servers.
  • A little expensive compared to other companies on the market.
  • Domain registration not included.
  • If traffic suddenly increases the Pay As You Go .system can cause excessive bills.

Cloudways, established in Malta in 2011, aims at scalability and flexibility, Cloudways hosting services stand out for their powerful features.

The core of its business is to provide high speed managed hosting based on the cloud for all types of users, but is differentiated by its pay-per-use model, which makes it ideal for small and medium enterprises with a restricted budget, in addition the platform is simple and easy to use. Can accommodate a variety of different hosting needs including WordPress, Laravel, Magento, and custom PHP applications.

Cloudways maintains alliances with major cloud providers, offering servers located in more than 42 data centers in more than 25 locations around the globe. It has more than 50 employees to serve a base of 20,000 customers. While Cloudways is known to be fast, secure, reliable and affordable, it’s still small compared to other big players in the market.

Cloudways manages to offer a ratio between quality and affordability, offering compelling reasons to move from standard hosting to cloud hosting. While the platform is available with features designed for developers, novice users and customers will also enjoy a smooth and easy-to-use interface.

If you are not yet convinced to select Cloudways, a short free three-day trial is offered, and testing the CDN requires an upgrade to one of the payment plans. After testing we can see that cloud hosting offers great performance and the slight increase in costs is well worth it. For now, Cloudways receives a strong recommendation for this type of hosting.

Pricing, Hosting Plans

Managed Hosting Plans:

  • Digital Ocean. Starting from $10.00 to $1.035.
  • Linode. Starting from $12.00 to $1.205.
  • Vultr. Starting from $11.00 to $385.00.
  • AWS. Starting from $36.51.00 to $3567.98.
  • Google Cloud. Starting from $33.30 to $1290.42.
  • Digital Ocean
  • Linode
  • Vultr
  • Aws
  • Google Cloud

PLANRAMProcessorStorage (Starts From)Bandwidth (Starts From)Monthly Price (Starts From)Hourly Price (Starts From)Details
DO 1GB1GB1 Core25GB1TB$10$0.0139/hrDetails
DO 2GB2 GB1 Core50GB2TB$22$0.0306/hrDetails
DO 4GB4 GB2 Core80GB4TB$42$0.0583/hrDetails
DO 8GB8 GB4 Core160GB5TB$80$0.1111/hrDetails
DO 16GB16 GB6 Core320GB6TB$135$0.1875/hrDetails
DO 32GB32 GB8 Core640GB7TB$230$0.3194/hrDetails
DO 48GB48 GB12 Core960GB8TB$315$0.4375/hrDetails
DO 64GB64 GB16 Core1280GB9TB$395$0.5486/hrDetails
DO 96GB96 GB20 Core1920GB10TB$555$0.7708/hrDetails
DO 128GB128 GB24 Core2560GB11TB$715$0.9931/hrDetails
DO 192GB192 GB32 Core3840GB12TB$1,035$1.4375/hrDetails

Linode 1GB1GB1 Core25GB1TB$12/mo$0.0167/hrDetails
Linode 2GB2 GB1 Core50GB2TB$24/mo$0.0333/hrDetails
Linode 4GB4 GB2 Core80GB4TB$50/mo$0.0694/hrDetails
Linode 8GB8 GB4 Core160GB5TB$90/mo$0.1250/hrDetails
Linode 16GB16 GB6 Core320GB8TB$150/mo$0.2083/hrDetails
Linode 32GB32 GB8 Core640GB16TB$250/mo$0.3472/hrDetails
Linode 64GB64 GB16 Core1280GB20TB$470/mo$0.6528/hrDetails
Linode 96GB96 GB20 Core1920GB20TB$680/mo$0.9444/hrDetails
Linode 128GB128 GB24 Core2560GB20TB$860/mo$1.1944/hrDetails
Linode 192GB192 GB32 Core3840GB20TB$1,250/mo$1.6736/hrDetails

PLANRAMProcessorStorage (Starts From)Bandwidth (Starts From)Price (Starts From)Details
VULTR 1GB1GB1 Core25GB1TB$11/mo$0.0153/hrDetails
VULTR 2GB2 GB1 Core55GB2TB$23/mo$0.0319/hrDetails
VULTR 4GB4 GB2 Core80GB3TB$44/mo$0.0611/hrDetails
VULTR 8GB8 GB4 Core160GB4TB$84/mo$0.1167/hrDetails
VULTR 16GB16 GB6 Core320GB5TB$139/mo$0.1931/hrDetails
VULTR 32GB32 GB8 Core640GB6TB$225/mo$0.3125/hrDetails
VULTR 64GB64 GB16 Core1280GB10TB$385/mo$0.5347/hrDetails

PLANRAMProcessorStorage (Starts From)Bandwidth (Starts From)Price (Starts From)Details
AWS Small1.75GB1vCPU20GB2GB$36.51/mo$0.0507/hrDetails
AWS Medium3.75GB1vCPU20GB2GB$86.77/mo$0.1205/hrDetails
AWS CO Large4GB2vCPU20GB2GB$158.26 /mo$0.2198/hrDetails
AWS Large8GB2vCPU20GB2GB$176.26/mo$0.2448/hrDetails
AWS CO XL8GB4vCPU20GB2GB$252.73/mo$0.3510/hrDetails
AWS XL16GB4vCPU20GB2GB$274.33/mo$0.3810/hrDetails
AWS CO 2XL16GB8vCPU20GB2GB$395.02/mo$0.5514/hrDetails
AWS 2XL32GB8vCPU20GB2GB$426.70/mo$0.5954/hrDetails
AWS 4XL64GB16vCPU20GB2GB$703.18/mo$0.9794/hrDetails
AWS 12XL192GB48vCPU20GB2GB$1909.10/mo$2.6543/hrDetails
AWS 24XL384GB96vCPU20GB2GB$3567.98/mo$4.9583/hrDetails

PLANRAMProcessorStorage (Starts From)Bandwidth (Starts From)Price (Starts From)Details
GCE Small1.70 GB1vCPU20GB2GB$33.30/mo$0.0463/hrDetails
GCE n1-std-13.75 GB1vCPU20GB2GB$73.62/mo$0.1023/hrDetails
GCE HC21.80 GB2vCPU20GB2GB$116.68/mo$0.1621/hrDetails
GCE n1-std-27.5 GB2vCPU20GB2GB$138.64/mo$0.1926/hrDetails
GCE HC43.60 GB4vCPU20GB2GB$202.14/mo$0.2808/hrDetails
GCE n1-std-415 GB4vCPU20GB2GB$226.05/mo$0.3140/hrDetails
GCE HC87.20 GB8vCPU20GB2GB$350.61/mo$0.4870/hrDetails
GCE n1-std-830 GB8vCPU20GB2GB$412.82/mo$0.5734/hrDetails
GCE HC1614.40 GB16vCPU20GB2GB$597.64/mo$0.8301/hrDetails
GCE n1-std-1660 GB16vCPU20GB2GB$722.06/mo$1.0029/hrDetails
GCEHC3228.80 GB32vCPU20GB2GB$1041.59/mo$1.4467/hrDetails
GCE n1-std-32120 GB32vCPU20GB2GB$1290.42/mo$1.7923/hrDetails

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After logging in with Cloudways, customers can start adding “servers” to their account. Services from cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Google and Vultr can be selected.

According to the type of provider Cloudways will configure a virtual server based on the cloud.

Cloudways Partners

Cloudways supports several CMSs as managed services, including the five most popular such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Moodle. You can get any number of servers and clone an application or cloud server if required. More servers can be added as you scale, is a good balance between affordability, functionality and speed.

Cloudways offers standard features such as website migration, automatic backups, firewalls, free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates through its administration panel. It does not offer domain registration.

On the other hand, as Cloudways is a managed hosting company, you will not have to worry about the daily administration of technical tasks such as software update or server configuration.

Staging sites and URLs

With Cloudways you can easily test new elements and make changes to your code without affecting your production website using unlimited areas. It also has a one-click tool that allows you to clone the entire server, files or individual databases, so that you can easily move your website to a preparation URL and, once you’re done, then click on the live changes.

WordPress and Cloudways

With Cloudways the use of WordPress for the development of projects can be done as smoothly as possible, thanks to its custom offer for this platform. WordPress in Cloudways is extremely easy, select the version of WordPress you want to install, name your WordPress application and add the application. Installing WordPress takes just a few steps.

Cloudways Managed Wp

Cloudways allows you to migrate your existing WordPress website easily with its Automated Migration Tool.

E-Commerce Platform in the Cloud

The Cloudways E-commerce Cloud Hosting platform allows the development of online stores very easily. They receive a free migration from their previous site. Alternatively, they can build an e-commerce site on one of the supported CMSs.

The Cloud Console makes administration very profitable, with features such as one-click SSL certificate management and domain assignment. Unlike other companies where this kind of operations may require a support call. But on Cloudways, they’re easy to do yourself.

Backup and CloudwaysBot

You can make daily backups automatically and recovery is done with a single click. You can change the backup schedule using the console. The CloudwaysBot provides server status notifications, backups and updates, as well as tips and recommendations.


It can answer many support questions. Customers can choose to receive their messages through various means, including Slack, email and HipChat. They can also select the types of notifications they wish to receive. And developers can access the bot with a custom API.

CloudwaysBot automatically optimizes and maintains your installed applications and also tracks performance.

CloudwaysBot can send a notification to inform you that your WordPress installation is out of date. This can be useful to realize if a new version is available.

Developer Tools

With Cloudways your experience as a developer will be fantastic, as this provider provides you with a range of workflow tools to make your life much easier. Git auto-deployment means that changes made to remote repositories are activated immediately. There are also the usual features like SSH access and SFTP of course.

Scalability of projects

If you ever need to scale your servers, you can do it easily and instantly with a couple of clicks. Moreover, it will not affect the existing configurations or parameters of your server. In addition, with the Cloudways pay-per-use pricing model, you only pay for the resources you have actually used.
24/7 real-time monitoring

Your projects in Cloudway server get a 24/7/365 real-time monitoring service and you can view more than 16 different metrics from the comfort of the console.

Team Collaboration

With Cloudways, you can easily assign tasks to co-workers and assign each team member the appropriate permission levels to access your server, application or website. Today, you’ll need tools that allow you to collaborate effectively with team members where there are more and more remote workers among the staff. This is essential for the security of your website.

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Cloudways integrates the services of third party cloud computing providers, not just any company, but renowned providers such as DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

Since Cloudways works with the most advanced cloud providers in the market, they can boast load speeds that are between 40% and 50% faster than regular and conventional hosting services. No problems of downtime or slow websites have been reported; in fact, Cloudways has earned a reputation for high speed and reliability.

If you are running a website with a high volume of traffic, you need the certainty that your provider can keep up with demand.

We have done some speed tests and the results are indeed interesting. Cloudways speed comes out with a shining A+ rating.

March 2020

US (W) US (E) London Singapore Sao Paulo
4 ms 34 ms 111 ms 258 ms 132 ms
Bangalore Sydney Japan Performance
344 ms 225 ms 175 ms A

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Server uptime remains constant with few episodes that the service has been idle or is working at a slow speed.

As a cloud hosting company, Cloudways has commendable statistics on server reliability and performance. Maintaining a good state is definitely an advantage for the Cloudways team.

Latest Uptime Stats

  • February 2020 – 100%.
  • January 2019 – 100%.
  • November 2019 – 100%.
  • October 2019 – 99.99%.
  • September 2019 – 99.99%.
  • August 2019 – 99.98%.

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Customer Support

The Cloudways team is always active, any day of the year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a live chat and an online ticketing system, just write your query and get the answer from your expert staff.

Live chat is the preferred method of support, however, if you prefer to talk to someone on the phone, you can request to be called back.

Each time the operator was available, it was attended to in a couple of minutes, no matter what time of day it was. Answers are useful and well documented. It also has a ticketing system that helps you track a particular problem.

Strong knowledge base

A complete information centre is available and we were able to test it. If you need help related to the platform, you can find some kind of solution and answer most of your questions in this resource base.

Specification: Cloudways

Available Services

Cloud Hosting
Magneto Hosting
WordPress Hosting
WooCommerce Hosting
Drupal Hosting
Joomla Hosting
Prestashop Hosting
Laravel Hosting
PHP Hosting
Othe Services

Data Centers

Asia/Pacific, Australia, Europe, North/South America


Limited bandwidth with some hosting plans

Disk Space

Limited in all plans

Unlimited Website

Available with selected Hosting Plans



Free Site Migration


Free Domain


Linux Hosting


Windows Hosting


Domain Hosting


Dedicated IP

Yes Available with Dedicated Servers

SSL Support

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

Control Panel

Console and own platform

One Click Installation


Website Builder


Security Features

Firewall Protection, Malware Protection, SSL


Daily, Monthly, Weekly

Performance Tools

CloudwaysCDN, Memcached, Nginx, Redis, SSD drives, Varnish

Money Back Guarantee


24-7-365 Support


Support Type

Email Support, Live Chat, Phone Support, Ticket System

Payment Options

American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa

Photos: Cloudways

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