Website Hosting Radar provides the website review service in a professional way and totally independent from any other entity. The reviews performed by our service are honest, impartial, realistic, with common evaluation standards applied to all sites reviewed.

In order for our website to exist and continue to function by offering the most select content, we are partially funded by affiliate programs, this means that when you click on a link and make a purchase, we can earn a commission.

However, monetary compensation is received from the companies listed on this site when our links are used to make a subscription. Hosting services cannot pay to remove or generate user comments. This compensation covers account purchase costs, testing costs, and royalties paid to reviewers. This also helps keep our hosting reviews up to date.

The two main reasons we use affiliate links.

The first, Website Hosting Radar works like a business. We have hosting costs (for testing) and pay salaries.

The second reason we feature affiliate links from most hosting providers is to level the playing field between the hosting services we review.

With the monetary incentive that comes from all the hosting providers that are reviewed, the possible subconscious prejudice of favoring one company over another due to the lure of material gain is removed from the board.

Many of the reviews on Website Hosting Radar consist of both advantages and disadvantages – so be sure to read our reviews before signing up with some of the hosting companies.

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